A special meeting location in the center of Utrecht for high-profile meetings that connects and strengthens your team.


Coming together at Suits and Sundays means a day fully focused on your goal. Supported by an attractive ambiance, nice chairs and a host who spoils you with delicious snacks. You determine the day program of the meeting and we dress it up for you with modern plug and play facilities, a good cappuccino and a nice drink to celebrate the successful day.



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Atmosphere impression


'Thank you for the great welcome and delicious lunch and snacks. Our guests enjoyed it and I think 1 will come back to you as a new customer. See you soon '



Meeting location Utrecht


Successful meetings

A fruitful meeting is fed by the right preparations. From sideline experience , we can say that a clear schedule, a realistic timetable and bringing the right people together for the purpose are essential to a successful meeting . The prior contact of the meeting we are therefore very important for us so personalize it you can enjoy a good day the catering, setting and technology.


Whether it concerns a period assessment, an away day or a new large assignment, the most important element that you want to bring out together is creativity . It can be extremely stimulating to organize these meetings at an external location. Away from the familiar environment triggers people and they dare to open up more often and arrive at different insights. In addition, we relieve you of everything that can get in the way, including very well-organized catering and personal support during the day.


The atmosphere and energy that you create by coming together is difficult to match online. Nevertheless, we believe that an offline meeting can be enhanced by an online environment and vice versa. We facilitate from small hybrid meetings to large live streams with professional camera settings, sound and interactive interfaces. How do you effectively use these cross-media platforms? That depends on the goal and the situation, we are happy to think along with you.




  • Flexible settings and plenty of space to work out assignments in small groups.


  • Presenting, writing or scrumming, we offer a wide range of screens, flip charts and office supplies.


  • Celebrated, healthy and delicious food and drink during the day provides the right focus and the opportunity to learn a lot.


  • Would you like to share your valuable meeting with even more participants? We are happy to share the training online within our network.


  • We are happy to help you strengthen your live day with online training videos & streams. Discover our studio facilities and let's look at the opportunities together.



Do you have a specific set-up in mind to make your training or meeting run smoothly? We like to think along with you.

The prices for our rooms & catering are all inclusive of VAT and include all facilities and host during reception & breaks and flexible choice in terms of setting. The rooms can also be booked in the evening from 18.00 - 22.00.




The prices for our rooms & catering are all exclusive of VAT and include all facilities and host during reception & breaks and flexible choice in terms of setting. The rooms can also be booked in the evening from 18.00 - 22.00.


Madam room


Half day (4 hours) € 495


Whole day (8 hours) € 645


€ 80 per hour


View here the room


Mister room


Half day (4 hours) € 325


Whole day (8 hours) € 495


€ 60 per hour


View here the room


Sir room


Half day (4 hours) € 325


Whole day (8 hours) € 495


€ 60 per hour


See here the room


Miss room


Half day (4 hours) € 245


Whole day (8 hours) € 325


€ 50 per hour


View here the room


Met twee nabije parkeergarages, vele busstops en het Centraal station op loopafstand is de Plompetorengracht uitstekend bereikbaar. 

In het kader van duurzaamheid geven wij iedere gast die met de fiets of openbaar vervoer komt €1 euro korting. 10 personen op de fiets / openbaar vervoer? €10 korting of donatie aan www.natuurmonumenten.nl


Centraal Station 

Vanaf CS - S&S

Lopen ( 15 minuten ) 5000 stappen


Bus station CS

Vanaf CS - Janskerkhof ( 5 minuten )

Janskerkhof - S&S ( 5 minuten lopen )

Bus ( 2, 28, 50, 52 & 77 )


Vanaf CS - Wittevrouwenbrug (9 minuten )

Wittevrouwenbrug - S&S ( 5 minuten lopen )

Bus ( 7 ) 



Auto parkeerplekken

Parkeer garage Kruisstraat ( 5 minuten lopen )

€3,60 per uur ( Dagkaart €37 )

Parkeer garage Grifthoek ( 5 mintuten lopen )

€2,30 per uur ( Dagkaart €19 )

Voor beide parkeer garages kunnen wij dag - parkeerkaarten organiseren. ( vanaf 15 kaarten 

Liever geen parkeergarage

Janskerkhof €5,35 per uur

Biltstraat €4,20 per uur