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Inspiring meeting location in Utrecht. A beautiful monumental canal house

for meetings, training, education, events, shoots & workshops.

Our special canal house is located on the quiet Plompetorengracht in the bustling center of Utrecht. With endless high ceilings & large windows, a wonderful location for all your meetings.


Safe meetings during corona

Especially in times when working from home is the norm, safe meetings are important. The dynamics and energy that you create during meetings cannot be boosted online. At Suits and Sundays we have made it possible to come together safely. View all our measures here and see what we have adapted to be able to meet safely at a distance of 1.5 meters.

Inspirational location

Personal service

Special character

A special hide away in the center of Utrecht.


A beautiful monumental canal house filled with unique details deserves decoration that has been brought together with just as much detail. When you enter you will be impressed by beauty, but after 10 minutes it will feel like a warm home for a day.

A warm welcome and a departure with a big smile.


Every meeting is unique and deserves our personal attention from the first moment of contact . We are there to support your event and listen carefully to your wishes. You steal the show, we deliver the stage.

Stylish but homely atmosphere , practical & diverse.


Your guests deserve a location that appeals to the imagination and must also fit in seamlessly with the program of the day. Thanks to a wide variety of luxurious and practical pieces of furniture , we can work with you to create the right setting that best suits your program.




'We had a very nice day with you.

Top space and top care. Everyone was very enthusiastic '

Malou Gordijn


The rooms




1 - 8 people

(max 4 people with a distance of 1.5 meters)


Beautiful view of the Plompetorengracht


Large oval table with spacious luxury chairs  


Very warm and spacious room with lots of daylight


25 m2



  • Half day € 245 (4 hours)

  • Full day € 325 (8 hours)

  • Per hour longer € 50


All prices are Excl. VAT





1 - 12 people

(max 10 people with a distance of 1.5 meters)


Special elements & high-profile design


2 round tables or long oak tables


French doors to the garden


65 inch screen and Sonos sound system


Perfect break-up space for the madam room


40 m2



  • Half day € 325 (4 hours)

  • Full day € 495 (8 hours)

  • € 60 per hour longer


All prices are Excl . VAT





1 - 40 people

(max 20 people with a distance of 1.5 meters)


Largest room in the property


Beautiful ornaments & large French doors


Flexible to organize, also suitable for events


150 inch projection screen and Sonos sound system


An amazing setting for grand presentations


65 m2


  • Half day € 495 (4 hours)

  • Full day € 645 (8 hours)

  • Per hour longer € 80


All prices are Excl . VAT





1 - 12 people

(max 10 people with a distance of 1.5 meters)


Beautiful view of the Plompetorengracht


Beautiful solid oak tables


Comfortable seating area with unique design


65 inch screen and Sonos sound system


Unique leather wallpaper and classic elements


40 m2



  • Half day € 325 Incl. VAT (4 hours)

  • All day € 495 Incl. VAT (8 hours)

  • € 60 per hour longer


All prices are Excl . VAT



'In addition to the beautiful place and very nice spaces, the care / care of us was really excellent.

We will recommend it to everyone '

Jerney Dona



Day @ suits

Suits is a warm welcome and a farewell with a big smile.


With personal and direct service we ensure that you can reach your goal without worry.


Flexible settings, comfortable seating areas, many different facilities & a good listening ear.


There is always a host present on arrival, breaks, lunch & farewell.


We work together with local caterers & have various delicious catering options.


All prices are Incl. facilities


  • Large screens 55 - 150 inch 

  • Sonos sound system and all connection cables

  • French doors & large windows with lots of daylight

  • Spacious tables, comfortable chairs and lots of greenery

  • Fast WIFI & wired internet connection

  • Mobile flipovers, whiteboards, pens, markers, paper & post-its always included with every room.

  • A communal garden for lunch in the green oasis.


Extra booking

To reserve


Miss Suits & mister Sundays

We are Kim & Bryan and proudly represent our two companies, Suits and Sundays & Grachtenvaarders. Our goal is simple, to offer a unique, pleasant setting for every meeting. Our heart lies in hospitality and spoil our guests with the same attention as for friends and family. For us there is nothing better than to see from the sidelines that a group of people are having a great time. From an important meeting or training to an outing on the boat, we give each group the same attention, the core of care that hospitality is all about.